Sousastep aims to incorporate live dubstep with free improvisation, and hits a target around wild experimental electroacoustic improvisation.

A brief history.

In mid-2014 I was inspired by the Dubstep Allstars mixes to make groovy electroacoustic basslines with my tubas. I eventually learned that I could use Controllermate to control Ableton with a Playstation controller, and I put together my first effect by the end of that year.

After I moved home from Boston in September 2015, I started developing a live-looping rig. I prototyped this rig regularly with free improvisation ensembles, mostly under the umbrella of Evil Clown Records.


In August 2017 I enrolled in Brooklyn College’s Sonic Arts program. There, I took a class on Max/MSP, and started programming my own Low Frequency Oscillator and LED sousaphone bell, among other things. Since then Sousastep has performed many shows all over Brooklyn.


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In 2019 I started beta testing Eventide's H9000R and I've been using it as the main audio effects processor since then. The laptop is just a controller now. It sounds GREAT, and the ultra-low latency makes it feel great, too. I've programmed my own algorithms with Eventide's proprietary visual programming language Vsig3, to get the cleanest dubstep wobble effect possible. The high cut filter frequency can be controlled at audio rate with the low frequency oscillator I built in Max. And the LFO is controlled by a PlayStation controller attached to the side of my tuba. Upcoming performances TBA !